Le Château des archevêques de Narbonne

The Summer Palace of the Archbishop of Narbonne in the small town of Capestang.

Map shewing the Diocese of Narbonne during the Middle Ages. Perhaps the most important one in the South of France. It mirrored the old Roman Province of Septimania, whose Headquarters were also in Narbonne, when the Romans left, the centre moved to Besiers (now Béziers) as the more important Occitan town. The Cathar Wars ended that with the Sack of Besiers in 1209 by the Crusaders of the Catholic Church. The Religious centre was then returned to Narbonne.

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Région: Languedoc-Roussillon
Département: Hérault
Commune: Capestang
Photographer: Malcolm Reynard - personal website

Béziers 1209

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Le Château des archevêques de Narbonne