May Day - "Muguet Day"

This year I am breaking with tradition - not a "Muguet", Lilly of the Valley. But a "Guernsey Lily" - Nerine Sarniensis.

This is to remember a great friend of mine from Guernsey, who gave me the bulb which grows in my garden in Béziers.

Cette année, je suis en rupture avec la tradition - pas un "Muguet", Lilly of the Valley. Mais un "Guernesey Lily" - Nerine Sarniensis.

C’est à rappeler un grand ami à moi de Guernesey, qui m’a donné le bulbe qui pousse dans mon jardin de Béziers.

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Région: Languedoc-Roussillon
Département: Hérault
Commune: Béziers
Photographer: Malcolm Reynard - personal website
May Day - "Muguet Day"