Andrew Hart a visitor from London
anonymous anonymous
Audrey Contenet Lives in Toulouse
Aurore Lalande Local Photographer - personal website
Beryl Lewis a great lover of the "Midi" who visits frequently
Bruce Stidston a super photographer from the South of England
Colin Cleal Resident in the St. Jacques Quartier of Béziers
Dale Calder From Campobello, an island off the East Coast of Canada
David Tarrant Visitor at No 28
Drew and Ann Hayward Holiday Photos by a couple from New Zealand
George Pixley who retired from the "Beeb" to Colombiers on the Midi Canal
Google Google satellite and street view images
Google Maps Google Maps
Graham Palmer from Houston in Texas
Joe McLoughlin A resident in Béziers
John Palmer has a Holiday Home between Castelnaudary & Toulouse
Keith Taylor Professional Photographer living in Béziers
Maggie Comley loved the Corbières where she lived in Cascastel, she is sadly missed
Malcolm Beeson Keeps the sites running, most of the time - personal website
Malcolm Reynard lives in the historic heart of Béziers - personal website
Margie Williamson a regular visitor (for 19 years) on the Canal from Canada
Pat and Marc Wing Guests from Finksburg (near Balimore), Maryland, USA
Peter and Raelene Houwen Visitors from Australia
screenshot off internet
Sharon Young Professional Horseriding Photographer who lives near Clermond Ferrand, also a holiday apartment in Béziers.
Sheila Walshe-Blackmore a frequent visitor from Eire, now living in Lagrasse
Victoria or Damian Cronin Holiday visitors from Australia