Buffet Rijsttafel - Ricetable Buffet

The last time I did a "Buffet Rijsttafel" Was many years ago, when Malcolm "B" and I used to make it, as a special, for our Dutch Clients at "La Cascade" (our restaurant on the Canal du Midi).

I was reminded of this as I started planning a meal for friends in Béziers - and received this little sketch from our very first customer, Margie Williamson (from Canada) she has just taken up painting. So pleased that she chose La Cascade for one of her first subjects !

So decided to revive the Ricetable.

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Région: Languedoc-Roussillon
Département: Hérault
Commune: Béziers
Photographer: Margie Williamson
Buffet Rijsttafel  - Ricetable Buffet